Dorinda Burnett did a great job for me.

"Since I was a "long distance" owner there were many things that she had to do for me... manage maintenance issues etc. She also organized the re platting of my 4 lots into a single lot... that involved dealing with the county and also a property owner's association.

Dorinda was not only efficient she was also very pleasant, prompt and reliable. It was a pleasure doing business with her. I would recommend her very highly.


- Eleanor Nicholas

Dorinda is definitely the best Real Estate Agent in the area.

"She doesn't list your home or property and "hope" someone will see the listing and buy or that another agent will show it and sell it. She shows the property herself. She, along with her co-agents, bring many people out to see your home themselves. I had my home on the market for quite awhile and it seemed that no one showed it much. It was very different when I went to Dorinda to sell it. She is what "Action" is all about. I highly recommend that you hire Dorinda if you want to sell you home. She sold mine in just a couple of months.

- Faye Abbott

Dorinda is incredibly easy to work with and so trustworthy.

"She knows the area like no one else, I'm sure! We just enjoyed working with her. Her positive attitude and knowledge made all the difference. Have already recommended her to others. Would definitley engage her again if we decided to buy in the mountains!



Made our Sale EASY!

"Dorinda did everything in her power to make the sale of my cabin painless. She took care of all sorts of issues that popped up and stayed level-headed and professional through the process. I honestly could not have sold the property without her!"


Southern Hospitality and Knowledge

"Dorinda was always friendly and helpful. She showed us several listings that met our criteria, and even spent a lot of time and effort showing us listings that were beyond our criteria so that we had a clear comparison before we made our definitive choice. She intuitively knew which home we were leaning towards and took us back there without us asking or realizing it, and let us spend as much time there as we wanted. She is very knowledgeable about the area she serves, and lets the area's charm shine through with her southern hospitality, experience and patience."